Thursday, July 14, 2005

PDC 2005, if only I could

  1. ... go
    Yeah right, when hell freezes over...

  2. ...choose from the (preliminary) sessionlist
    These would be on my agenda:

    - BizTalk Server 2006: Development and Adapters
    - Indigo: Web Services for XML Programmers
    - Indigo: A Deep Dive into Best Practices Using Indigo
    - SQL Server 2005: Deep Dive on XML and XQuery
    - MSBuild: Architecting a Customized Build System
    - VSTS: Behind the Scenes of Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server
    - Monad: Advanced Command Line Scripting
    - MMC 3.0: Developing Managed-Code Snap-Ins
    - ASP.NET: Future Directions for Developing Rich Web Applications with Atlas (Part 1)
    - ASP.NET: ... (Part 2)
    - Avalon: Using Data in Your Avalon Applications: XML, Indigo, ADO.NET and More
    - Avalon: Creating Rich Content Experiences in Your Avalon Applications

  3. Convince my boss (back to point 1)

  4. Win a free ticket

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