Thursday, May 11, 2006

MS Visual Studio 2005 External Tools

To create a menu-item named 'Xplore Solution'
to open (File-)Explorer in the folder of your current solution

click menu 'Tools' - 'External Tools...'
and fill in the following parameters...

in Visual Studio 2003

Title: Xplore Sol&ution
Command: explorer.exe
Arguments: "$(SolutionDir)",/e

Pay attention to the 'Arguments'-section
as this does NOT work in Visual Studio 2005

Visual Studio 2005 appends a backslash to the resolved $(SolutionDir)..!(?)
Read as: on my system is does :-(

So 'myDrive:\Folder\SolutionFolder\' becomes 'myDrive:\Folder\SolutionFolder\\

(My) WORKAROUND: supply 'Arguments' as "$(SolutionDir)\.",/e

Again pay attention to the extra \. after $(SolutionDir)

This 'tricks' Visual Studio and/or '(File-)Explorer to use 'myDrive:\Folder\SolutionFolder\.\', which is a valid path :-)

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