Friday, August 31, 2007

A Birthday gift from Charles Petzold

Some time ago (Juli 11), I read a blogpost (lost the URL) about sending an email to Charles Petzold, in order to receive a free copy of his book '3D Programming for Windows - three-dimensional graphics programming for the Windows Presentation Foundation'.

Today the most amazing thing happened:
I found this signed book in my mailbox...
... And you have to know it was my birthday 2 days ago...

Coincidentally, I read about a similar experience here
and thought 'what are the chances to have that kind of luck'...
Especially for me living in a small country like 'Belgium' ...
(The shipping cost alone took about $16.80.)

I 'm sure I' m going to enjoy reading it
, as I'm doing with 'Applications = Code + Markup'
(I' m between chapter 24 and 25).

Thank you so much Mister Petzold!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Friday, August 24, 2007

Video Ads with Silverlight

Google is experimenting with Video Ads
, as you can read here (New York Times) and here.

I, a software developer
, working for a news (and adversiment) publishing media company
, combined this with my Silverlight experiments.
This all resulted in this proof-of-concept video/Ad-player.

The Ad fades in at second 3, after having hit the 'Play-button'.
Clicking the Ad's image, pauses the video and opens a new browser-window to the advertisers site (click 'Play' again to resume).
A click on the white X-rectangle makes the Ad disappear.

PS: U need to have Silverlight installed for the demo.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Asynchronous Interface-based ASMX WebServices

Following (wellknown?) good practices
, I developed an interface-based ASMX webservice.

For some reason my Visual Studio (2005) generated proxies
only have ...Async methods with corresponding ...Completed events.
BUT NO Begin/End... methods!?

WITHIN THE HOUR Christian Weyer replied my mail
, telling me this is default Visual Studio 'Add Web Reference'-behavior(?)
, and I should use wsdl.exe from the commandline.

Thanx Christian
, saved me quite some time.