Friday, November 06, 2009

Google releases Closure Tools

Google just released it's own developer tools as open source,
with which eg. Gmail, Google Maps, Google Docs are build.

Go to

Download the code with a Subversion client like RapidSVN.

Start RapidSVN and follow the next steps.

1. Go to menu 'Bookmarks',
choose 'Add Existing Repository...'
in the 'Repository URL'-window enter as 'URL'
These steps result in the following picture

2. Select the newly created bookmark,
choose menu 'Repository',
and click 'Checkout'.
Specify a 'Destination Directory' in the 'Checkout'-window,
eg. C:\_\closure-library-read-only

In the end you'll find all the files in the given folder.

Now start with the Getting Started with the Closure Library.

What are u waiting for?

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